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​"Play is our brain's favourite way of learning". Diane Ackerman
Our Program

We follow a "learn through play" philosophy providing children with a fun and supportive early learning environment. We offer a full-time program (5 mornings a week) from 8:45am to 11:15 am as well as part-time options (3 days M/W/F or 2 days T/Th). Please see our "Fees and Registration" tab for more information. 

Our community based programming promotes social, emotional, physical, and intellectual development while nurturing the child's desire to learn. We provide time for action songs, outdoor activities, and physical development. We believe that children should be free to explore art materials and to express themselves without adult restrictions and expectations placed on their work.

Our goal is to be a fun and happy place for all our families. We hope that you and your child will create long-lasting friendships through your association with Capilano Playschool. Our objective is to encourage development of the whole child through building physical and intellectual abilities, contributing to the development of a positive self-concept, and ultimately encourage the desire to learn.

Getting Ready for School

Children have a coat hook and shelf where they will keep their coats, outdoor wear, and backpacks. Your child will need a pair of Velcro running shoes for inside, a backpack (with a change of clothes), and a snack bag.  Please check your child's backpack daily for completed crafts, book order forms, and other important notices. A typical day will include circle time, show and share, free-play, organized crafts and activities, gym or outdoor playground time, and snack.  A variety of centres are available to children all based around the current theme. 

Field Trips

Our classes participate in regular field trips throughout the year. We use these opportunities to build community connections, explore novel learning environments and cultivate shared learning experiences with other playschool families. We aim for one special event per month. During the 2022/2023 school year we had in school visitors such as Zoo2U, Beaverhill Bird Observatory, and Norwood Dental. We also took chaperoned trips to the Winspear Centre, John Janzen Nature Center and Safety City. All field trips are included in the $75 field trip fee.

Parent Involvement

As parents of a child registered at Capilano Playschool, you will be members of a parent-led cooperative playschool, which means that the existence of the school depends on your commitment and dedication throughout the year. The parent body works together toward common goals, the most important of which is to provide a happy, satisfying playschool for our children. Your annual opportunities in the playschool cooperative are:


1. Mandatory Parent Meetings


All families are required to attend the two meetings held throughout the year. The CPSA Fall General Meeting will be announced soon. The meeting will held at Hardisty School.  


2. Fundraising


Capilano Playschool raises the majority of its funding for field trips, enrichment exercises, classroom supplies, toys, etc. through fundraising. 


3. Toy Cleaning


All toys are cleaned regularly. Each family is required to participate in a toy cleaning session two to four times per year depending on enrollment numbers.


4. Board/Committee Participation


Capilano Playschool operates by a series of volunteer positions. Each family is required to take a position. This may be a position on the Executive Committee (Chairperson, Treasurer, etc) or another volunteer role (Toy Clean Coordinator, Playdough Maker, etc.) A google form will be sent to each family to express their interest in a position. 


5. Classroom Volunteer Days


A classroom volunteer in the classroom allows a ratio of 7 children to one adult.  In addition to fostering more direct interaction with the children, parents bring new and interesting perspectives to the class every day, allowing you to spend time with your child(ren) in a relaxed classroom environment, sharing in their learning experience. Every family enrolled in the playschool is expected to participate in volunteer days. If you cannot attend on your assigned day, you must find an adult to replace you (another parent, grandparent, neighbor, etc). If your family is unable to provide a classroom volunteer during the school year there will be a limited number of families that are able to opt out of the volunteer days for a fee.  Please reach out to Maureen for more information.

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