For insurance purposes, your family must hold a valid Community League Membership to your local community.


Capilano Playschool is a member of the Alberta Government Childcare Subsidy Program.  Scroll to the bottom for more information on this service.


To register for Capilano Playschool please see the following registration package.  Please complete your registration form and return it with the registration fee (the $50 registration administration fee guarantees a spot for your child. It is a non-refundable deposit).

For more information about 2022 - 2023 registration, please contact 780-802-9307 or email capilanoplayschool@hotmail.com.

 2022-2023 Handbook and Bylaws

Healthy Apple Program 
Monday, Wednesday, Friday Mornings
8:45 - 11:15 AM
$140 / Month (10 Months) 
Christian Program
Tuesday, Thursday
8:45 - 11:15 AM
$100 / Month (10 Months)

(Gov't Affordability Grant pays $75/child of the posted monthly fees)




All cheques must be payable to Capilano Playschool Association. Indicate child(ren)’s name on each cheque. All cheques must be included with your completed Capilano Playschool Registration form.  Your child(ren)’s space cannot be guaranteed without these items.


  1. Non-refundable Registration Fee - $50 dated the day of registration

  2. Monthly Fees - Post-dated cheques dated for the first day of each month for the monthly fees are to be made out for the entire year, or you may choose to pay a yearly lump sum or a lump sum payment for Sept to Dec and Jan to June. Payment is required on the first day your child attends. Fees for registrants who begin classes mid-year commence for the month the child starts attending the playschool.

    • 2 days a week 

      • Option A monthly fee - ​$25 dated the 1st of each month from Sept 2022 till June 2023

      • Option B annual payment - $250 dated Sept 1, 2022

    • 3 days a week​

      • Option A monthly fee - ​$65 dated the 1st of each month from Sept 2022 till June 202

      • Option B annual payment - $650 dated Sept 1, 2022

  3. Fundraising Cheques - 2 $200 cheques dated for November 1, 2022 AND March 1, 2023. Please see the playschool handbook for more information about fundraising.

  4. Fine ChequesUndated cheques in amounts listed below that will only be cashed if you do not fulfill obligations as outlined in the Capilano Playschool Parent Handbook.

    • $25.00            Late pick up or late for classroom volunteer day: fine #1                                                                                     

    • $25.00            Late pick up or late for classroom volunteer day fine #2                                                                                      

    • $100.00          Participation Fee #1

    • $100.00          Participation Fee #2

    • **NB- bounced cheques require a fee of $20**

  5. Optional Fees

    • $250.00      Classroom Volunteer Buy Out Program – 2 days a week            Date cheque September 1, 2022

    • $350.00      Classroom Volunteer Buy Out Program – 3 days a week            Date cheque September 1, 2022




As parents of a child registered at Capilano Playschool, you will be members of a parent-led cooperative playschool, which means that the existence of the school depends on your commitment and dedication throughout the year. The parent body works together toward common goals, the most important of which is to provide a happy, satisfying playschool for our children. Your annual opportunities in the playschool cooperative are:


1. Mandatory Parent Meetings


All families are required to attend the two meetings held throughout the year. The CPSA Fall General Meeting will be announced soon. The meeting will held at Hardisty School.  


2. Fundraising


Capilano Playschool raises the majority of its funding for field trips, enrichment exercises, classroom supplies, toys, etc. through fundraising. For the 2022/2023 school year Capilano Playschool has rented the West Edmonton Mall Water park. Each playschool family is required to support this fundraiser.  Last year the event was a huge success and we met our fundraising goal .


3. Toy Cleaning


All toys are cleaned regularly. Each family who does not hold a position on the Executive Committee is required to participate in a toy cleaning session twice per term.


4. Board/Committee Participation


Capilano Playschool operates by a series of volunteer positions. Each family is required to take a position. This may be a position on the Executive Committee or a specific volunteer role.


Executive Committee Positions:


Vice Chair
Fundraising Co-coordinator

Other Volunteer Roles:

Classroom Volunteer Coordinator 
Toy Clean Coordinators
Supplies/Materials Purchaser
Party Coordinator
Teacher's Helpers
On-Call Parent Helpers
Scholastic Coordinator


5. Classroom Volunteer Days


A classroom volunteer in the classroom allows a ratio of 7 children to one adult.  In addition to fostering more direct interaction with the children, parents bring new and interesting perspectives to the class every day, allowing you to spend time with your child(ren) in a relaxed classroom environment, sharing in their learning experience.


Every family enrolled in the playschool is expected to participate in volunteer days. For the 2 days a week program, this is approximately one day every 5-6 weeks and for the 3 day a week program, this is approximately one day every 3 - 4 weeks. If you cannot attend on your assigned day, you must find an adult to replace you (another parent, grandparent, neighbor, etc). 


 If your family is unable to provide a classroom volunteer during the school year there will be a limited number of families that are able to opt out of the volunteer days for a fee.  Please see the registration package for more information.


Capilano Playschool is a member of the Alberta Government Childcare Subsidy Program.  For more information about the subsidy and how to apply please visit the following website:



Eligible stay-at-home parents may qualify for a subsidy of up to $100 per month, for each preschool age child who is participating in an approved early childhood development program.

Approved early childhood development programs refer to community-based services, including licensed nursery schools that provide opportunities for preschool children – either on their own, or with a parent – to participate in activities that promote healthy child development.


NOTE: The allowable combined family income for this subsidy is very high – in the neighbourhood of $78 000 gross – and it can even go higher depending upon the number of children you have, so don’t automatically assume you can’t qualify. Our best advice is to apply – the worst that can happen is that your application is turned down.


 Approved Programs:

  • Programs that promote parent and child literacy (e.g., Books for Babies)

  • Play-based early childhood programs  (e.g., licensed nursery schools and moms and tots programs)

  • Educational programs that help parents meet their child’s learning and developmental needs (e.g., Positive Parenting, Nobody’s Perfect)

  • Community-based recreational programs (e.g., Swim and Learn, Baby Steps)

  • Drop-in centres


 Ineligible programs:

  • Day care centers

  • Child care where parents remain on site (e.g., bingo halls, exercise facilities, etc)

  • Services that currently provide cost-free programs (e.g., Parent Link Centers)



  • At least one parent stays at home to care for preschool age children and does not work or go to school for more than 20 hours per week;

  • Family’s combined gross monthly income and family structure qualify

  • Children are of preschool age (six years and under) and not yet attending Grade 1;

  • The preschool children are registered in an approved early childhood development program; and

  • Funding is not being provided through the child care subsidy or kin child care funding programs.


Subsidy Rate:

Eligible parents will qualify for up to $100 per month or up to $1,200 per child each year to offset the cost of approved early childhood program fees. If the program costs less than $100 per month, the actual fee will be paid.

Payment will be made on behalf of eligible parents directly to the approved early childhood development program.


Payment Process:

A parent must apply and qualify for the Stay-at-Home Subsidy Program.

Note:  Early childhood development programs must be approved to allow subsidy payments to be made.


Subsidy application is available online at 

or by calling the Child and Family Services Authority Child Care Subsidy Office.


A Parent Information Line has been established to provide Albertans with toll-free access to early childhood development and child care information and resources.

Toll-free: 1-866-714-KIDS (5437) |  Edmonton and area: 780-644-1366